Join Our Sailing Club

The Columbus Sailing Club has two membership options: Sailor or Kayaker.
Both memberships are for an individual joining the club. There is a separate fee for the craft and/or trailer. Separate fees for each craft provide simplicity in pricing your membership. Separate fees for the craft adds flexibility for sailors who owns two sailboats and one trailer, or a kayaker who owns a kayak and a canoe etc. Trailers may be kept on the property year round. We have pricing examples in the FAQ's below.

Simply put, buy the appropriate membership, add as many craft as needed, that's your total.

Frequent Questions

  • How much to join the Sailing Club?

    Membership + Craft.
    Sailor Membership is $350 plus sailing craft and/or trailer.
    Kayaker Membership is $200 plus craft and/or trailer.
    Example: Sailor Membership with boat and trailer is $350 + $100 for boat + $100 for trailer = $550.
    Example: Kayaker Membership with a kayak is $200 + $100 for kayak = $300.
    Example: Sailor Membership with two sailboats and one trailer is $350 + $200 for two boats + $100 for trailer = $650.

    Simply put, buy the appropriate membership, add as many craft as you like, that's your total.

  • Can I learn to sail at the Sailing Club?

    Currently due to COVID-19, we are not able to provide sailing lessons. We are a volunteer club and we are not willing to place our members at risk.

  • Can I store my sails and sailing items at the Sailing Club?

    We offer storage for sails, sailing tackle, and sailing related items for the sailing season.

  • Can I store my sail boat... and not become a member?

    We are not a boat storage facility, so we do not offer boat storage. By becoming a member you enjoy all the advantages of belonging to a Sailing Club.